Twill Medium Check Soft Wool Tailoring- Warm Brown

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($8.00PER METER)
0.5 METERS (0.54 YARDS)
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Matching Organic Cotton Thread

Similar to a twill tweed fabric this versatile warm medium-weight material is wool-based warm copper background with a yellow shade criss-cross pattern running across the whole length and width of the fabric. This thick and warm fabric is a great choice for making menswear items such as a bespoke suit for special occasions. This fabric drapes well, has a smooth finish and being wool-based makes it breathable.

This fabric would be great for waistcoats, suits, trousers, jackets, blazers, skirts, womenswear, dressmaking and so much more.

Width: 150cm
Content: 100% Wool,
Weight: 230 GSM

How much fabric should I order for reupholstering a sofa?


This is a rough idea of how much fabric is needed to reupholster a sofa/chair. Do bear in mind we would advise sending your sofa picture to a local upholsterer to get a better idea of exactly how much is needed for your individual project as we can only give an estimate, not specific measurements. 


Sofa/Chair Size

Approximate fabric required (meters)

High back chair


Single-seat chair


2-seater sofa


3-seater sofa


4 seater sofa


Dry clean only.

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