As a married couple with a young family, having memories of our talented parents sewing beautiful garments for us was so special! From party dresses to school uniforms we decided to use this as our inspiration to start our own fabric business inspiring others to make creative and wonderful items that they can be proud of. 

It's incredible seeing how we started from our small front room with a chance of seeing where 1 roll of fabric would take us to a summer house in the back of our garden with 20 rolls of fabric to where we are now in a shop based in Leicester!
It's been an amazing journey to see our fabric business grow and We are so thankful to our customers for the love and support they have provided over the years and hope to continue building on our small family-run business. 
You may ask yourself why is there a bee in our logo and what is the connection between it and our fabrics?
As beekeepers, we wanted to integrate yellow as our feature colour so you may see dots of it throughout our website and fabrics. Its a reminder for us of where we started in our summer house back in the garden and how it was you! The customer who kept us going. 
Here we are now slowly working towards natural resources and helping our community charities, this is key to us as we love to give back, working with animal sanctuaries through to sanitary pads for refugees all the way to neonatal specialist hospitals in our area, we hope to keep it up!