Bamboo Wellness Soft Terry Towelling - White

( £14.98 PER METER)
0.5 METERS (0.54 YARDS)

14 metres in stock

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Matching Organic Cotton Thread

An environmentally friendly choice fabric, our breathable bamboo wellness soft terry towelling fabric is a lightweight material with a soft velvety touch texture. This woven material with loops of thread is a perfect choice for a high-absorbency fabric. These loops of fibres mean more moisture can be absorbed and gives a velour touch to this terry-towelling fabric.

In comparison to our usual terry telling, this is much softer to the skin and lighter in weight. This strong fabric has the added factor of having great antibacterial properties making it a perfect choice for nappies, face wipes, and dressing gowns.

This fabric is great for reusable face wipes, baby towels, face flannels, reusable sanitary pads, underwear, pyjamas, baby clothing, towelling, kitchen cloths, cloth nappies, breast pads, mattress-toppers, loungewear, wash mitts, childrenswear, tea towels, bath mitts, robes and so much more.

Width: 145cm
Content: 40% Bamboo, 40% Cotton, 20% Polyester
Weight: 250 GSM

Machine wash 30.
Line dry.
Iron low.
We strongly recommend testing a small piece first to be sure.

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